Artist News

November 28, 2016 Artist News

Naoki Ishikawa: Solo exhibition 'Naoki Ishikawa Capturing the Map of Light on This Planet' at Art Tower Mito

The first major solo exhibition by Naoki Ishikawa will be held at Art Tower Mito. 'Naoki Ishikawa Capturing the Map of Light on This Planet' Exhibit・・・

November 16, 2016 Artist News

Haruka Kojin "Me(eye)": 'Me in BEPPU' Beppu, Oita-ken

The artist collective ' Me (eye)' to which Haruka Kojin belongs is the invited artist for "in BEPPU" art festival this year and show the special work ・・・

November 16, 2016 Artist News

Kohei Nawa:'Sugar Spin: You, Me, Art and Everything' at GOMA, Australia

The work by Kohei Nawa"PixCell-Double Deer#4"(2010) will be exhibited in the group exhibition 'Sugar Spin:You, Me, Art and Everything' at GOMA(Queensl・・・

November 7, 2016 Artist News

Darren Almond: 'The end of the world' at Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Italy

The work by Darren Almond is now shown in the group exhibition "The end of the world" at Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Italy. Exhibiti・・・

October 31, 2016 Artist News

Tatsuo Miyajima: Retrospective 'Tatsuo Miyajima - Connect with everything' at MCA, Australia

The retrospective dedicated to Tatsuo Miyajima 'Tatsuo Miyajima - Connect with everything' will be held at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, in Sy・・・

October 17, 2016 Artist News

Kohei Nawa, Jeppe Hein:'Roppongi Art Night 2016'

The works by Kohei Nawa and Jeppe Hein will be exhibited in Roppongi Art Night 2016. Kohei Nawa, selected as a featured artist for this year, is goin・・・

October 12, 2016 Artist News

Tatsuo Miyajima: Solo Exhibition "Tatsuo Miyajima: Life and Death-Light of Life-" at Kirshima Open-Air Museum

The solo exhibition of Tatsuo Miyajima "Tatsuo Miyajima: Life and Death - Light of Life-" is now on exhibit at Kirishima Open-Air Museum. Exhibition ・・・

October 3, 2016 Artist News

Tomoaki Suzuki: Solo exhibition at SHCP Art Museum, Mexico

The solo exhibition of Tomoaki Suzuki will be held at SHCP Art Museum in Mexico. Exhibition Period: 13 October, 2016 - 8 January, 2017 Venue:SHCP A・・・

September 14, 2016 Artist News

Tatsuo Miyajima: 'SPECTRA' scenography at KAAT, Kanagawa

Dance performance 'SPECTRA' of which Tatsuo Miyajima is in charge of the scenography will be played, on the 1st and 2nd October, for two days, at Kan・・・

September 14, 2016 Artist News

Haruka Kojin:'Perspective Playground' at CARLSWERK / MAGAZIN, Cologne, Germany

The work by Haruka Kojin will be presented in the group show 'Perspective Playground' hosted by Olympus. The 12th exhibition of this series shows, th・・・