May 18, 2013 Topics

Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

SCAI THE BATHHOUSE is pleased to announce our participation in Art Basel Hong Kong 2013. Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 Dates: 23 - 26 May, 2013 Venue: Hon・・・

April 30, 2013 Artist News
April 3, 2013 Artist News

Miwa Ogasara will be a panelist on the symposium at The Goethe Institut Tokyo

Miwa Ogasawara participates panel discussion on art between artist Kota Ezawa, Dr. Hans-Jörg Clement (Team Leader Culture, KAS ) and Dr. Joerg Wolff ・・・

April 2, 2013 Artist News

Kohei Nawa : "Matter and Sculpture - From Aporia toward Memento"

Kohei Nawa takes a part in the group exhibition organized by the Sculpture Department of Tokyo University of the Arts. The exhibition questions the d・・・

March 27, 2013 Artist News

Dzine's new installation at Ten Museum Park Tower, Miami

Dzine's new installation on Ten Museum Park Tower Miami is on view. Dzine 2013 Untitled (The Cave and the Kingdom - Revisited) Duratran on glass・・・

March 24, 2013 Artist News

Noriko Ambe participates "Un-drawn Drawings. Works of paper" an exhibition curated by Olivier Renaud-Clement

"Un-drawn Drawings. Works of paper" organized with Olivier Renaud-Clement Gareth James Thomas Kovachevich Siobhan Liddell Marco Maggi Karin Sander No・・・

March 19, 2013 Topics

Setouchi Triennale 2013

From 20th March, the Spring term of Setouchi Triennale will start. Kohei Nawa and Kojin Haruka will install their new works at「Inujima Art House Projc・・・

March 19, 2013 Topics


SCAI will exhibit the works by our representative artists at TOLOT heuristic SHINONOME, the newly opened space in Shinonome. At this space, Christian ・・・

March 19, 2013 Topics

Art Fair Tokyo / G-tokyo 2013

SCAI THE BATHHOUSE is pleased to announce our participation in the coming 2 major art fairs in Tokyo, Art Fair Tokyo 2013 (Tokyo International Forum) ・・・

March 13, 2013 Artist News

Katsuhiro Saiki participates "Celestial Dome", a group show curated by Shingo Francis and Eri Takane

"Celestial Dome" March 15th ~ April 14th, 2013 Curated by: Shingo Francis and Eri Takane Artists: Scotch (Ben Light, Christie Leece, I・・・