Shin Puh Kan, Kyoto

Kohei Nawa "Ether (Octagon)"


Kohei Nawa’s new work “Ether (Octagon)” has been installed at Shin Puh Kan in Kyoto.

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Ether (Octagon):
Stages in the changing shape of a drop of water as it falls to the ground and spreads out are modeled in 3D, mirrored vertically, and randomly stacked. In addition to expressing the infinity of life force, this sculpture is composed of polyhedrons, with the result that the light hitting its surface shifts from facet to facet with changes in the natural light.

Kohei Nawa
Ether (Octagon)
mixed media
H 7350 × W1128 × D1128 mm

photo: Nobutada OMOTE | Sandwich