Setouchi Triennale 2013

From 20th March, the Spring term of Setouchi Triennale will start.
Kohei Nawa and Kojin Haruka will install their new works at「Inujima Art House Projct」in Inujima island. This is being curated by the art director of this project, Yuko Hasegawa. The architect, Kazuyo Sejima has designed the architectural context and both artist's works are exhibited in each space.

'New forms of creatures emerging from physical chaos' as a concept and occupying a whole space including the courtyard of F-Art House, Kohei will be exhibiting the new work. The site is a renovated traditional Japanese style house.

Meanwhile, Haruka will be showing "contact lens" at S-Art House. By using the collage of lens which drives perceptual distortion, the viewer's may gain a new perspective. "reflectwo" which made of artificial flowers will be shown at A-Art House. This work may reminds people emerging shangri-la in Inujima-island.

In Teshima island, you will find「Teshima Yokoo House」which will be open this summer, in the process of construction.

【 Setouchi Triennale 2013 】
Spring | 20th March - 21st April
*The artworks by Kohei Nawa (F-Art House) and Haruka Kojin (A-Art House, S-Art House) will be shown in Inujima island during the Spring term.