Dzine: exhibitoin "Victory" at dallas contemporary

Dzine "Victory" at dallas contemporary

19 January - 31 March 2013

For over a decade DZINE has captivated the international art scene with his psychedelic abstract paintings and ornate customized vehicles. Drawing from art history and pop culture, DZINE's work explores the world of Kustom Kulture, a genre of artistic practice that evolved from the hot rod craze of Southern California in the 1970s. Infusing his trademark visual and audio language, DZINE uses the sculptural and artistic form of lowriding to examine his emotional relationship with culture and beauty. His carefully crafted artworks are playfully situated between the contradictory worlds of conspicuous luxury and urban street life. In his exhibition, Victory, DZINE celebrates the universal desires for victory and recognition, while paying homage to his rich Puerto Rican heritage. The exhibition invites the viewer to savor the excitement of competition and revel in the enjoyment of success.