2005.11.18(Fri) - 12.22(Thu)
Exhibition Period: 2005.11.18(Fri)-12.22(Thu)
Opening Hours: 12:00-19:00 *closed on Mon., Sun., and Holidays

This exhibition will feature works created using the traditional Japanese material of lacquer. Active internationally and currently residing in London, Anish Kapoor has been producing works in Japan making full use of the distinctive characteristics of lacquer since 2000.

These works, with their deep mirror-like surfaces, have been created through the application of several dozen layers of lacquer. Their polished finish reflects a high level of perfection attained through painstaking handwork. At the same time, they seem to breathe organically, as if made entirely of natural materials. In addition to the plate-shaped works he has produced up to now, the exhibition will also present Kapoor's new siphon-shaped and elliptical works.

Reflecting the surrounding exhibition space and viewers to the accompaniment of reverberating sounds, these mirror-like works will create a profoundly stimulating visual and aural experience you cannot afford to miss!

”Circular Lacquer Dish (Deep Red)”, 2005, diam. 150 x d.20 cm
”Circular Lacquer Dish (Deep Red)”, 2005, diam. 150 x d.20 cm